A Vision
Beyond Building

VONA PARKCITY was conceptualised with the vision of realising a more holistic approach to modern living. Determined to build something more than just places to stay and venues for business, our engineers, architects and consultants delved deeper, and looked far beyond the conventional aspects of location, space and quality. To us, those were the minimum requirements.

A Harmonious Blend
of Hill, City & Sea

Perched on elevated land, VONA PARKCITY residents enjoy some of the most spectacular views in town, be it the refreshing green hills, the glittering city or the mesmerising seas.

The result of this customer-centric approach to property development was an elaborate masterplan with every element harmonised towards enhancing the lives of residents of all ages, interests and backgrounds. We at VONA Properties are pleased to present to you VONA PARKCITY, a development planned around you, designed for you.

Leveraging on
Nature's Splendour

Among Bukit Gambier's charms are its cooler climate and verdant surroundings. VONA PARKCITY is developed with a keen eye on preserving these charms so they can be enjoyed by its residents as well as future generations.

We looked into how individuals and families live, work and play. We asked questions about each family member's goals and aspirations. We took into consideration each of their specific expectations and preferences. We made sure our entire team understood all the elements homeowners hold close to their hearts before we proceed.

Enhancing Lifestyles, Bringing People Closer

A comprehensive development which includes a specialty commercial precinct, you will always have interesting people to see and lovely places to be at VONA PARKCITY.